Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late October Drive

Ran a few errands today and afterward ended up on a meandering afternoon drive.

Somehow the iPod knew we were cruising the country roads of rural Ohio, which provided some nice fall scenery under a heavy gray sky, because this random grab-bag of tunes that happened to come up (and when you see the list, you'll understand what I mean by random!) really fit the bill. Here's a playlist, in the order of the shuffle:

You're a Wolf -- Sea Wolf
'74-'75 -- The Connells
503 -- Angels and Demons Soundtrack
Black Dirt -- Sea Wolf
21 Guns -- Green Day
The Weary Kind -- Ryan Bingham
Thank You, Lord -- Roy Buchanan
Mansion on the Hill -- Bruce Springsteen
End of the Road -- Eddie Vedder
Highway 20 Ride -- Zac Brown Band
The Kiss -- Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack
Run -- Snow Patrol
Consolation No. 3  -- Franz Liszt
Prologue -- Lady in the Water Soundtrack 
Poisoned Chalice -- Da Vinci Code Soundtrack
Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean -- Explosions in the Sky
Help Yourself -- Sad Brad Smith
Miss Sarajevo -- U2 and Luciano Pavarotti
The End -- Pearl Jam
Dangerous -- Joshua James 
My Father's House -- Bruce Springsteen
Geese -- Joshua James
Goin' Home -- Dan Auerbach
Soul and the Sea -- Joshua James
The Funeral -- Band of Horses 

The photos are just a couple scene-setters from around Springfield, John Bryan State Park and Yellow Springs, taken with the Blackberry Torch, which I have to say did a decent job.

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Monica E. Smith said...

nice! amazing photos with your new blackberry :) guess you didn't want to wait for an iphone...

i love your entries. you've been very prolific lately, lol...thanks for the eclectically entertaining blog...